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What’s the difference between going on holiday and travelling? I believe the difference is huge. I travel. The reason I say this is because I don’t go away once a year to spend all my money on comfort. Travelling doesn’t offer comfort, in fact it often offers the opposite. Sleeping with 10 strangers in an insect invested dorm room or surviving on noodles that take 2 minutes to cook, you know the ones. I love travelling and wouldn’t have it any other way. Due to the budget of travelling I am able to be on the road almost as much as I want to be.

Based in the beautiful south-west of Germany, I´m currently studying to be a teacher. I guess it’s the safe option for me. The truth is I have always wanted to be an actress. There is something about hiding behind a character and adopting a different personality that has always been appealing to me, I guess it’s like travelling within yourself. No one takes you serious when you want to have a career in acting.    

On my blog you can read about my experiences and travel tips, as well as other things I love and that might be interesting to you. 

I hope that some of these things can inspire you!

Have fun and thanks for visiting xxx


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